The Advantages of Custom-Built Homes by Westhills Co.

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It’s not surprising that custom homeowners are a picky lot. They typically don't want a home built on the same floor plan as the house three doors down the street. They prefer a well-built home that reflects their own tastes, lifestyle, and needs.

Finding the home that’s “just right” involves – first and foremost – finding an experienced, qualified builder who understands and appreciates what you’re looking for in a custom home.

An experienced builder can help you select everything from the right architectural style to selecting the floor plans and materials that will make your custom home your “dream home.”

The advantage of a custom-built home is the opportunity to make decisions about everything from the size of the master bedroom down to the finish on the front door’s hardware. All the while their knowledge of building materials and products allow for a keen eye on budget and deadlines. This is why you need a builder you can trust.

Westhills Co. has been building high-quality homes in the Shenandoah Valley for over 40 years. In fact, we’ve built our reputation as the area’s premier custom home builder using time-honored methods, materials, and manpower and with an eye towards old-world craftsmanship. The Westhills Co. team is dedicated to building the home of your dreams.

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 Wesleigh Manor - VG 56 
 Brighton Circle - VG 66
 Brighton Circle - VG 67
 1637 Summit Drive, Lot 10 

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